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Because what we make is very real, and we put it into the hands of people all over the world, whether as part of their clothing, for creative handicrafts, in their cars or at home.

The diversity of our product range, the different business models of Prym’s four divisions and our international presence are crucial to our success. In doing so, we are constantly adapting our positioning to the needs of customers and markets.

As constant as change

This flexibility has always been a hallmark of Prym: the company’s roots go back to 1530, when Wilhelm Prym worked as a goldsmith in Aachen. This makes Prym one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany and one of the most traditional in the world. Throughout its history, the company has reinvented itself time and again, ensuring its continued existence for centuries.

Relocated from Aachen to Stolberg in the mid-17th century, Prym focused on the production of brass. As brass production increasingly lost importance, the company focused more on finished brass products and became a leader in the field of machine production of metal haberdashery.

An important milestone was also the decisive further development of the press fastener by Hans F. Prym in 1903: He developed the s-spring which ensures, the press fastener can be closed and opened easily while at the same time the press fastener is securely closed. In many different colors and shapes, it has been produced in endless quantities since the beginning of the 20th century and still is, as Prym manufactures Millions of the practical daily helpers every day.

As much as Prym has changed in almost 500 years, one constant remains: The company is majority-owned by the Prym family – and will remain so.

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Key facts

3500 employees worldwide
+400 Mio. € revenue
More than 30 locations in 18 countries
9 production sites